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Australia’s Top Road Trips

In a country both as vast and as rich in natural beauty as Australia, a road trip can offer a great way to see as much as possible, however long your trip may be. Combine the rural outback, the majestic coast, top cities and colonial towns and you’ve got the adventure of a lifetime. Pack […]

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Traveling in the Time of Coronavirus

Not that anyone should be traveling during the coronavirus outbreak. We should all be staying home, staying safe, and flattening the curve. That’s what my wife and I have been doing for a few weeks now. We’ve done well with it, too. She (thankfully) works remotely, so is used to staying home. And I’m able […]

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Which Country Has the Best Beer?

Which country has the best beer? Since the brewing process left Egypt, it’s a question that has plagued mankind. But it really comes down to a subjective answer: personal taste. What I like will be drastically different than what someone else prefers. Just ask my buddy, who’d any day choose something hoppy over my wheats. […]

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Travel Books to Read if You’re Not Traveling

Are you staying local this summer? I am. I’m still traveling, but just not as far. This is intentional, because I have some other plans in the works for later this year. So how to get by? By reading about travel, of course! Here are my top suggestions – one for each continent – to […]

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A Whale of a Day in San Diego

I’ve gone whale watching all over the globe. Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii (both Lanai and Molokai); about the only well-known places for whales I haven’t been are southern California and Alaska. Well, after a New Years trip to see the family in San Diego, I can now mark one of those spots off my […]

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Updating My Travel Tattoo

As the needle dug into my flesh, I recalled how much a tattoo can hurt. I also remembered that it wasn’t nearly as painful as I first anticipated. And in the end, for a design I truly loved, it was all worth it. I wasn’t at Denver’s Th’ink tank Tattoo, though, for a new tattoo, […]

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