In Progress

Asking me what I have in the works is a loaded question, since I’m working on near a bajillion projects right now. The two foremost are children’s novels I’m writing – one a middle grade fantasy and the second a young adult speculative fiction.

The fantasy novel is more or less done. After writing drafts for the last couple of years, I’m getting ready to jump in and take care of some final edits. It’s set aside for the time being, though, to give me space so I can give it a good final look over with fresh eyes. Once I’ve had enough time away, give or take a couple of Jason Hussong by the Denver Postmonths, I hope to have the manuscript edited and out to prospective agents around the end of the year.

The young adult story is still in the first draft phase, but it’s currently my focus as I distance myself from the other. It helps that I’m really into the story, world, and characters, and want to finish the draft while I’ve got that momentum. Then, once it’s done, I’ll go back and work on the middle grade story before finishing off this one. My hope is to have it written and edited sometime in the middle of the next year.

If you like what you’ve read here and on my travel page, there’s no need to wait for those two books to read more. I recently published my second book, Destination Paranormal. Just in time for Halloween, it’s now available on Amazon! My first book, The Drive North, is a self-published travel memoir, and is also currently available on Amazon.

As a result of all of these writing projects, particularly my two kidlit books, the nearly-one bajillion others I’m working on are on the back burner. They’re still there, just simmering. I’ll get to those, and others, as time allows.

Stay tuned here, on my blog, for updates on these books, additional essays and short stories I’m writing, and more. And by all means, if you have any questions, comments, or projects you’d like to contact me about, please feel free to do so through the form below.


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