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Sunset at Egypt’s Luxor Temple

Egypt’s Luxor Temple was once home of government during the Roman Era, and is not far from the massive Karnak Temple…

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Walking the Grounds of Saqqara

Walking amongst the ruins in the ancient Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara.

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Down the Nile

When the Borders stores closed about a year ago, I picked up every last travel book I could find. The sales were too good to ignore. One of the books I grabbed was Rosemary Mahoney’s Down the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman’s Skiff, which wasn’t quite what I had originally expected. Down the Nile is […]

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A Final Farewell to King Tut

King Tutankhamun, more commonly known as King Tut, the boy-king of Egypt in the 1330s B.C., died a mysterious death. No matter how many tests have been done, no one can determine what happened to him. It is only known that he died young, was buried hastily with an immense amount of wealth, and is […]

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Shopping in Egypt’s Khan el-Khalili

Shopping in the winding maze of streets in Cairo’s historic Khan el-Khalili Bazaar.

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

I’ve been going through some sort of nesting phase that I can’t quite explain; cleaning has taken on a new meaning as dirt and dust have started to cower before my mighty spray bottle. Just a couple of days ago I ventured into the closet in my guest bedroom, which is actually more of a […]

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Exploring Saqqara and the Step Pyramid of Djoser

I love seeing things in person that I feel are things that can be dubbed as “you only see in books.” I think that’s part of why I love traveling so much. I love to go places and actually see these things in person to know what it’s all about, opposed to just turning the […]

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The Black Nile

I love shopping at used book sales – like the ones for libraries trying to clean off some of the shelves – because there are no shortage of good finds. Whether it is at a library sale, a warehouse liquidation, or some other random used book sale, I always seem to find good deals. And […]

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