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Looking Out on Pearl Harbor from the USS Missouri

The view of Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor from the Big Mo, the USS Missouri.

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Floating a Lantern for My Mother

The water glowed with more than 3,000 floating lanterns. I stood knee-deep in the bay watching them go out to sea from Honolulu’s Ala Moana Beach Park, wondering which one amongst the luminaries was mine. There was no way to know, I could only watch and smile – thinking of everyone who joined me at […]

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A Hike Up Diamond Head

Everyone warned me, but I wouldn’t listen. I mean, it’s a climb of less than 600 feet straight up the side of an extinct volcano, what could go wrong? I’m from Colorado after all, I know how to hike; and 560 feet really isn’t that big of a deal, when it comes to elevation gain. […]

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Walking Waikiki’s Main Drag

The sand squished between my toes as I walked out on Waikiki Beach. It was late in the morning on another beautifully sunny Honolulu day and I was intent on enjoying it by playing in the ocean. I have seen the Pacific Ocean a number of times, but never have I actually jumped out into […]

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Submarine Touring in Hawaii

We dipped below the surface of the ocean and everything instantly turned a shade of neon blue through the submarine’s windows. We were only a few hundred meters from shore, not far out at all, but, for all it was worth, we could have been skimming along the greatest depths in Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. It […]

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An Historical Ghost Tour of Honolulu

Tom. Mad. Fence.   I couldn’t believe that it was happening again; ghosts were talking with me through the Ghost Radar application on a phone. Well, not only to me, but to me and another man I was walking with around the exterior of Hawaii’s Iolani Palace. We were both reaching out to the spirits […]

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