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The Holidays in Denver

Holidays for me as a child in Minnesota were spent the same way each year, albeit quite deliciously. Thanksgiving turkey. A half pork and half beef Christmas roast tied together. Grandma’s caramel rolls. Grandma. I’d wait anxiously for my grandparents to drive down to the Twin Cities each winter. They’d come both for Thanksgiving and […]

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Feeding the Giraffes at the Minnesota Zoo

Kids love feeding the giraffes at the Minnesota Zoo!

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Best Ways to See Denver for Families in Three Days

It’s difficult to do any metropolitan area in three day. Denver isn’t any different. There is so much to see and do in and around the city that it’s impossible to try to squeeze it all in during three days. But here are a couple of suggested itineraries, with a few alternate options, that can […]

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A Photo Essay ~ 31 Days of Denver

I spent the month of May documenting some of the sites I have regularly seen in the twelve years I’ve lived in Denver. I have also taken the time to capture a picture or two of some places I hadn’t yet seen. And I had plenty of time to ignore the overly-photographed locations and icons that are certainly […]

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A Preview of the Denver Zoo’s New Elephant Passage

“So what did you think?” one of the Denver Zoo’s public relations people asked me. That was a loaded question, in a way, after I had just finished learning about several of the fabulous uses of elephant poop. I was touring the zoo’s new elephant exhibit, which opens in June, and had just sat in […]

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Wandering Around Hilo

I left Hilo feeling a little sad. It was the first Hawaiian city I had visited off the island of Oahu, and I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to leave; I liked the sleepy hippie-surfer town on the Big Island. It had a much slower pace than anywhere else I had traveled in Hawaii and […]

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