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Which Country Has the Best Beer?

Which country has the best beer? Since the brewing process left Egypt, it’s a question that has plagued mankind. But it really comes down to a subjective answer: personal taste. What I like will be drastically different than what someone else prefers. Just ask my buddy, who’d any day choose something hoppy over my wheats. […]

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The Sparkling Mirrors of the Reichstag, Germany’s Capitol Building

Germany’s capitol building, the Reichstag, in Berlin is naturally lit through the use of these sparkling mirrors and windows.

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That One Time I Met Helmut Kohl

I think of something as simple as packing and marvel at how difficult it can be. Had I only packed a straight-edged razor, I would be fine. Instead I found myself in a panic in the hotel lobby in Berlin. Mimicking to a concierge, since my high school German lessons didn’t pay off, I tried […]

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A Walking Tour of Dresden

A damp clung to my bones. It was mid-afternoon and the morning’s fog stuck in the air as a fine grey mist. I took refuge in a hotel close to the famed Frauenkirche – a restored version of its grand predecessor destroyed in the Allied firebombing of Dresden at the end of World War II. […]

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The Ghosts of Christmas 2011

I had a fantastic year of travel. It was probably one of the best ever for me. And with it came recognition as one of the best travel blogs of 2011 by Washington Flyer. To sum up my annual adventures in a single story is like writing about your own year, everything that has happened […]

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Exploring Berlin’s Museum Island

I stood at the top of the steps to Berlin’s Altes Museum. Before going in to view the museum’s collection of classical antiquities, I paused for a moment to admire the impressive view at the end of Museum Island. It was just as inspiring as all of the amazing works I had already seen, particularly […]

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