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A Scenic Drive Over Old Fall River Road

I made the turn in Rocky Mountain National Park to take the scenic drive up Old Fall River Road. I had never gone this way before. And I hadn’t intended to this day, either. But there I was, leaving the nice open expanse of West Horseshoe Park to head up the steep road through the […]

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An Estes Park Hotel Stay at the Baldpate Inn Bed and Breakfast

I walked out of my Estes Park cabin at the Baldpate Inn to go for a hike at one of the two nearby trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. Two women were screeching about how something had just walked right up to the library door of the main lodge and then skittered across the driveway […]

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A Scaring Experience at the Stanley Hotel

I looked out the peephole one last time. Disappointed, I sighed. No one was outside. I had hoped to have one more good laugh, jumping out at someone stopping by for a souvenir photo, but it was time to check out. So my fun would have to wait until a return visit to the Stanley […]

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Hiking the Lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park

I ran for the cover under the tall lodgepole pine trees. Rain was falling in large, fat droplets at Rocky Mountain National Park’s Dream Lake and I wanted nothing to do with it; I wasn’t prepared with a jacket or even a cap. But I knew, as someone who was taking cover with me joked, […]

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Ghost Hunting at the Stanley Hotel

Sitting in a stall in the women’s lavatory in the Stanley Hotel’s Concert Hall made me question my sanity. I never thought I’d be where I was, particularly with a dozen strangers surrounding me. Yet, there I was, on the toilet in the dark room calling out to the ghosts who are said to reside […]

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A Ghostly Tour of the Stanley Hotel

My father and his girlfriend were on their way back to Minnesota when they stopped to see me in Denver, finishing a two week road trip out to San Diego to see my sister and her family. I threw a million and one suggestions at them for things to see on the way and while […]

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