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The Sparkling Mirrors of the Reichstag, Germany’s Capitol Building

Germany’s capitol building, the Reichstag, in Berlin is naturally lit through the use of these sparkling mirrors and windows.

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That One Time I Met Helmut Kohl

I think of something as simple as packing and marvel at how difficult it can be. Had I only packed a straight-edged razor, I would be fine. Instead I found myself in a panic in the hotel lobby in Berlin. Mimicking to a concierge, since my high school German lessons didn’t pay off, I tried […]

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Exploring Berlin’s Museum Island

I stood at the top of the steps to Berlin’s Altes Museum. Before going in to view the museum’s collection of classical antiquities, I paused for a moment to admire the impressive view at the end of Museum Island. It was just as inspiring as all of the amazing works I had already seen, particularly […]

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Traveling to Stasiland

Twenty-two years ago this week, the Berlin Wall fell. Thousands of people danced around it and straddled the top, celebrating the demise of one of the most significant symbols of oppression and division ever. In an instant the gates were open and the Berlin Wall, still sprawling for miles in either direction throughout the city, […]

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Recalling History at the Berlin Wall Memorial

I stood in a tower in what was once the French sector of Berlin. From the metal perch I could see a preserved section of the Berlin Wall; guard towers, a lighted sand field – once known as the death strip – and the wall itself were all there. It was almost twenty-two years to […]

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Walking Through History on Berlin’s Grand Circle

I stood on the roof of the United States embassy in Berlin talking with Greg Delawie, the Deputy Chief of Mission in Germany. From that vantage point, our RIAS Berlin Kommission group enjoyed an impressive view of history; we could see the Brandenburg Gate, the German capital building – the Reichstag – and the lush, […]

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