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A Night at Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel

There are a lot of places to stay in Milwaukee, but the best hotel is easily the historic Pfister Hotel. How’s it the best? Here’s how… Location As I always say, the most important thing for a property is the location. And the Pfister’s got it. Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, the Pfister […]

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Spending a Night at Milwaukee’s Brumder Mansion

Out of all of the places to stay in Milwaukee, one of the most interesting is the Brumder Mansion. Those old, historic homes from around the turn of the twentieth century that are in most every town in the United States interest me beyond my comprehension. They’re always so beautiful, and with such character; I […]

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Taking a Tour of the Tower of London

We picked up our Tower of London tickets at the booth and headed off to the entrance. It was late in the day, so my friend and I would have to rush through the huge complex to squeeze in as many highlights as possible before they booted everyone out. But there was no way I […]

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A Scaring Experience at the Stanley Hotel

I looked out the peephole one last time. Disappointed, I sighed. No one was outside. I had hoped to have one more good laugh, jumping out at someone stopping by for a souvenir photo, but it was time to check out. So my fun would have to wait until a return visit to the Stanley […]

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A Spooky Stay at the Jerome Grand Hotel

I crawled out of bed, having spent my first night at what is allegedly one of America’s spookiest locations – the Jerome Grand Hotel. My stay was the impetus for my road trip to Arizona. I saw the Ghost Adventures show profiling the hotel and immediately booked a stay; after previous spooky experiences, I knew […]

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A Night at the Historic Brown Palace

I’m normally not a hotel snob, happy to stay wherever there is a roof over my head and a comfortable bed beneath me. I love to splurg a little here and there, but that generally means that I stayed at a place where breakfast was included in the price. But the complimentary night I spent […]

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