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Picking Up Where I Left Off

It’s been four years since last I wrote about our trip to New York City to see the Harry Potter play, The Cursed Child. What the heck happened? Where’ve I been? Well, coming up on five years ago now, I was rear-ended in a traffic accident, and after that my attorney asked that I not […]

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The View From Atop One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the western hemisphere at 1,776 feet, and the sixth tallest in the world.

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Review: Harry Potter In New York City

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and¬†Harry Potter: A History of Magic; as if you needed another reason to go to New York City. That should’ve been enough for me, after all. I’m a big Harry Potter nerd. But it wasn’t. Thankfully my wife intervened. Now, before I get too far along, don’t worry, I’m […]

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The Ghosts Of Christmas 2018

I’m running a tad behind in my annual retrospective, as I’ve always tried to do it around Christmas time, but such is life, and, I suppose, it’s better late than never.

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Christmas In New York City

Christmas in New York City is amazing. 

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

I’ve been going through some sort of nesting phase that I can’t quite explain; cleaning has taken on a new meaning as dirt and dust have started to cower before my mighty spray bottle. Just a couple of days ago I ventured into the closet in my guest bedroom, which is actually more of a […]

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