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My Favorite Earth Day Photos

In celebration of Earth Day – which is today, in case you weren’t sure – I’d like to share some of my favorite photos from around the globe. Since I’ve been fortunate enough to set foot on all seven continents, I’ll do one for each. In no particular order, here they are – starting with […]

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Out in the Desert

With how cold it’s been in Colorado this past week – not getting above zero one day, and the others always well below as well – I’m dreaming of hiking out in the dessert in Arizona’s Saguaro National Park.

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Smiling at Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend

Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend is like a big smile. Or a horseshoe. Either one. Take your pick. Just enjoy the view.

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The Ghosts of Christmas 2012

‘Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not one except a big ol’ blogger looking back on his year of travel. I feel blessed after such a wonderful year. From a road trip to Arizona, my first adventure of the year, to trips back home to the Midwest, and many points […]

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Watching Tombstone in Tombstone

Tucked far away into the southern reaches of Arizona near the Mexico border is the dusty town of Tombstone. I pulled in from the north, not quite sure what I was doing there. I had a hotel reservation, but why? I wasn’t sure. Obviously I had watched Tombstone the movie one too many times. Tombstone […]

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A Sonoran Desert Hike in Saguaro National Park

I practicaly sprinted across the flat desert landscape in Saguaro National Park. I was driven by the strength from the large saguaro cactuses. The looming Rincon Mountains appeared to be an obstacle I would not need to tackle. And for that, due to a lingering head cold, I was thankful. But after all my years […]

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