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In The Mist Of Niagara Falls

Nearly a year ago now, my wife successfully ran her first half marathon. She did it in Canada, too, so maybe – I don’t know – with the metric system and all, it’s not a half marathon. Kidding! While she ran with a friend, I walked along the river and admired the falls with some […]

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Great Journeys of the World

It’s hard to find much better writing or photography than in a National Geographic magazine. So when I found a book of theirs at a liquidation sale, I made no hesitation in snatching it right up. Great Journeys of the World, the hardcover version, was beautifully bound with great pictures and intriguing story titles, so […]

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Looking Ahead to 2013 Travel

Many years from now, when I think back to 2013, maybe when someone offers me a bottle of wine – although I prefer beer – I will say, “Oh yes, that was a good year.” What I already have planned for travel, and what remains up in the air for possibilities, is sure make it […]

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Arctic Crossing

Books have a tendancy to sometimes sit on my shelf for a long time. A very long time. Jonathan Waterman’s Artic Crossing: A Journey Through the Northwest Passage and Inuit Culture, I would guess, has been there for about a decade. I grabbed it off the freebie shelf at work one day since it looked […]

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