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Which Country Has the Best Beer?

Which country has the best beer? Since the brewing process left Egypt, it’s a question that has plagued mankind. But it really comes down to a subjective answer: personal taste. What I like will be drastically different than what someone else prefers. Just ask my buddy, who’d any day choose something hoppy over my wheats. […]

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Updating My Travel Tattoo

As the needle dug into my flesh, I recalled how much a tattoo can hurt. I also remembered that it wasn’t nearly as painful as I first anticipated. And in the end, for a design I truly loved, it was all worth it. I wasn’t at Denver’s Th’ink tank Tattoo, though, for a new tattoo, […]

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An Old Town Treat in Prague

A great treat in Old Town Prague is the freshly baked and glazed bread found in the winding maze of streets.

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Sightseeing Prague’s Royal Route

I went sightseeing in Prague after I left a RIAS Berlin Kommission meeting at the German embassy to the Czech Republic, high on a hill in what is known as Lesser Town in Prague. It was a rainy and chilly afternoon, but there was a lot to see in one of Europe’s most vibrant and […]

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A Night at the Hotel Maria Prag

When it comes to hotels, I always stress one thing: location. I don’t care how good of a price I get, if I have to blow the savings on transit and precious vacation time to get to what I want to see. It is just never worth it. But the Hotel Maria Prag, which is […]

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