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Ghost Hunting at the Stanley Hotel

Sitting in a stall in the women’s lavatory in the Stanley Hotel’s Concert Hall made me question my sanity. I never thought I’d be where I was, particularly with a dozen strangers surrounding me. Yet, there I was, on the toilet in the dark room calling out to the ghosts who are said to reside […]

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A Ghostly Tour of the Stanley Hotel

My father and his girlfriend were on their way back to Minnesota when they stopped to see me in Denver, finishing a two week road trip out to San Diego to see my sister and her family. I threw a million and one suggestions at them for things to see on the way and while […]

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A Spooky Stay at the Jerome Grand Hotel

I crawled out of bed, having spent my first night at what is allegedly one of America’s spookiest locations – the Jerome Grand Hotel. My stay was the impetus for my road trip to Arizona. I saw the Ghost Adventures show profiling the hotel and immediately booked a stay; after previous spooky experiences, I knew […]

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Weird U.S.

What travel is to one person it may not be to another; it’s all very subjective and personal. The book Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets reminded me of this once again. It’s not as though I see many of the things in the book as actual travel-related […]

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A Night at the Historic Brown Palace

I’m normally not a hotel snob, happy to stay wherever there is a roof over my head and a comfortable bed beneath me. I love to splurg a little here and there, but that generally means that I stayed at a place where breakfast was included in the price. But the complimentary night I spent […]

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Spending a Spooky Night at the Stanley Hotel

I tossed and turned all night, but it was no use – I was not going to get a good night’s rest at the Stanley Hotel. As someone later put it to me, I was like a kid on Christmas Eve all full of anticipation. I wanted to have a ghostly experience in my room […]

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