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New Zealand Lord of the Rings Edoras Rohan Helms Deep Uruk-hai Marching Valley

The Landscape of Middle Earth

One of my favorite landscapes is from Mt. Sunday in New Zealand. Most people know this best as Edoras in Rohan from the Lord of the Rings movies. Amusingly enough, that’s not all it was in the movies; if you look closely you can see Helms Deep wasn’t all that far of a march after […]

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Experiencing London for Free

London is an expensive city. There’s no way around it. Everything costs more, and I’m not just talking about how you don’t get free refills on soda like you do in the States. It’s simply that everything and anything in London is more expensive; take what you’d spend on something in America, change the $ […]

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Traveling in New Zealand with The Lord of the Rings Movies

I was hooked after reading The Lord of the Rings books, but when The Lord of the Rings movies came out my interest went to completely different level. The books opened up my imagination, showing me what good fantasy writing was all about. But when I saw it on the big screen, with real world […]

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A Guide to Taking a Harry Potter Tour in London

There are a lot of London Harry Potter tours to take. And the best part, they’re all free. How? Because you don’t need anyone to show you these sites, and you most certainly shouldn’t pay anyone to do so, you simply need to know where they’re located. It’s as easy as that, because it is […]

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Touring England’s Historic Hatfield House

There are certainly a lot of London attractions to spend time seeing, and I wanted to squeeze in as much as possible during my visit, but after my friend picked me up at Heathrow Airport I only wanted to rest. He was having none of that, though. He didn’t listen to my whining after being […]

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