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Christmas Snow Driving

I find long drives a bit theraputic; they allow me to relax, unwind and work through anything that’s been on my mind lately. Some drives, like those home to Minnesota, can be a bit on the long side and tiring too, but I don’t mind them so much. Well, I don’t mind them until I […]

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Watching Wildlife on the Niobrara

I’ve driven through Nebraska so many times to get back to Minnesota since moving to Denver almost ten years ago that I feel like I have Interstate 80 memorized. It’s quite sad really too considering my dislike of interstate freeways, but it is the quickest way to get through the barren landscape named “Nebraska.” Recently […]

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A Travel Guide to the Plains Indian Wars

Generally speaking, I’ve given up on guide books. I just don’t use them any longer, and I don’t see the need to thanks to our good friend the Internet. So much information is available for free here that it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a book to give you the same information. But […]

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