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Failures in Olympic Photography

Twelve years ago now, my dad and I attended the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a fantastic experience. Amazing. And even though I’m having a hard time getting into the Olympics this year – I think it’s because so many things are tape delayed – I could not be happier […]

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Judo Champ Sets Sites on 2012 Paralympics

This story originally ran in The Denver Post on June 19, 2012. An out-of-shape lump like me may not be much of a challenge for an Olympic or Paralympic judo athlete, but it is important for them to work with people like me who aren’t familiar with their techniques. That way they can continue to […]

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Olympic Memories: Ten Years Later

I stood outside the Wasatch Brewery, saddened. The darkened building was closed. It was the eleventh anniversary of my mother’s death and this particular pub held a sentimental spot in my heart for the occasion. Ten years ago my father and I traveled to Salt Lake City to see the 2002 Olympics, buying tickets for […]

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Olympic Memories: Alpine Skiing

My father and I had so many great experiences at the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics it’s not even funny. To sum them up in three brief entries is impossible as I created a whole scrapbook of the event, and still could’ve put more in there about what we did and saw. From watching Americans […]

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Olympic Memories: Ice Hockey

If I had to choose one event to see at the Olympics it would be ice hockey. I grew up in Minnesota and thus grew up an ice hockey fan. I became interested in the sport too late to play, which is about 8-years-old in Minnesota, but held on to that love nonetheless. So, when […]

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Olympic Memories: The Luge

A lot of memories are flooding back to me from my 2002 trip the Salt Lake City Olympics with my father thanks generally to the Vancouver Olympics currently taking place in British Columbia, Canada. There are so many great things that I experienced while there that it’s difficult to talk about them in one post; […]

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