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A Night at the Flaming Gorge Resort

I was hungry and tired after a long day of boating and hiking in Utah’s Flaming Gorge. It was a great day and I was staying in the heart of it all at the Flaming Gorge Resort, which is located a short drive away from the massive dam that fills up a large part of the gorge. It was the perfect spot from which to launch boating, fishing, and hiking trips, as well as so much more.
I had spent the day exploring the canyon with Red Canyon Lodge owner Mark Wilson on a Utah Office of Tourism-sponsored trip. We hiked a few miles from the base of the dam in the shadow of the canyon walls, sometimes 400 feet above us. At the end of it all, I was sitting down at a table at Mark’s restaurant to learn more about what the Flaming Gorge area had to offer.
I was impressed by everything I saw from the moment we arrived in northeastern Utah’s Daggett County. It all started with checking in and dropping off our bags at the Flaming Gorge Resort. Our condo-style rooms were large and well-kept. I almost felt guilty dirtying them, but the hospitality that was offered to us was nothing but friendly and welcoming as though were family visiting from out of town.
My disappointment was only that we did not have more time to spend at the Flaming Gorge Resort. With a full kitchen, living room, and so much space in the unit, it was built for a long term stay and not simply a quick overnight. And with so much outdoor fun to be had in the area, it would be easy to spend a week there hiking and fishing and having a great time.
It is really a great place to stay with a great mindset:
After spending the day out and about, as I said, we headed over to the Flaming Gorge Resort for dinner. We were all starving and ready to tuck in. But before stepping into the restaurant to devour a fantastic meal, we took another moment to enjoy the outdoors.
A group of deer looking for their own dinner were strolling up just as we pulled up in our car. But there was more of a treat to be had – big horn sheep. I have a fascination with all wildlife, but I find big horns particularly fascinating. And to be able to see a herd of them just a short distance from the lodge was a great way to end our day.
It wasn’t over, though, since we also took a moment to admire the view of the Flaming Gorge from a nearby overlook. We then, after our great dinner at the Red Canyon Lodge, headed back to the Flaming Gorge Resort. It had been a long day, but we all thought we had enough energy to sit up and knock back a couple of beers together.
Yes, it is possible to drink in Utah.
After the long day, though, we all quickly faded. It had been a lot of fun exploring the Flaming Gorge and learning more about what the area had to offer. But a large dose of fresh air combined with very comfortable rooms at the Flaming Gorge Resort turned out to be enough to quickly knock us out.
We were happy and content with smiles on our face – it had been a good day.

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