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A Night at the Kilauea Lodge

I spent a full afternoon hiking at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, traipsing through volcanic craters and into lava tubes. But, I hadn’t eaten much since I left the Shipman House Bed and Breakfast in the morning; I was ravenous and just wanted a hot shower and a good meal. Thankfully the Kilauea Lodge was only a short drive away.
I rolled into the Kilauea Lodge’s driveway shortly before dinner and checked in. I was greeted warmly and shown to my room in the Hale Maluna Building. It was part of a beautifully decorated and renovated bungalow – the lodge long ago being a YMCA camp. Now it is a premier guest house for those looking to explore the nearby national park.
I made my way back to the lodge’s main building for dinner at their restaurant, sitting right next to their historic fireplace, before heading back to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see the crater glowing at night. The service was excellent – very personable and friendly – and the food was fantastic; the menu changes nightly. I don’t know if I was as impressed with my dinner, though, as Mr. Meatloaf the Cat was with my nice, warm rental car.
Apparently a tomcat claims the Kilauea Lodge as his turf and resides on the property until he passes on; he is then replaced by another vagabond who shows up unexpectedly. I felt guilty having to shoo him from my car, but Goddess Pele and her volcano would only wait so long. Thankfully, upon sensing me, Mr. Meatloaf got up on his own accord, stretched, and bounded off after a couple of back rubs.
The snug room was a welcome sight after a cold and blustery time, albeit quite enjoyable, back at the volcano. Seeing my room’s fireplace – and the thought of spending the remainder of my evening reading my book by it – warmed me like my car did Mr. Meatloaf. And before I knew it, I was nodding off and in bed, waking to a complimentary full breakfast.
I left the Kilauea Lodge after breakfast, saddened like I was with many of my stops on my Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau-sponsored trip, that I did not have more time. It is such a fantastic property and I wish I would have been able to spend more time enjoying it and the nearby Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. They are both truly special locations.

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