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Berlin’s Relexa Hotel Stuttgarter Hof

When it comes to a hotel, location is what matters most. And the Relexa Hotel Stuttgarter Hof of Berlin unquestionably has that, located right on what I like to call Berlin’s Grand Circle – an easily traversed ring within the central part of the city which includes stops at Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, Potzdamer Platz, and so many more. But, for all that was good about the Relexa Hotel, there were also more than a few issues.
I walked into the hotel’s lobby and instantly was pleased with what I saw. It looked like a nice place to spend a week in Berlin. Little did we know, though, that it was where we would spend a lot of time, since the lobby was the only place where a complimentary wireless signal could be accessed; it was not available in the rooms. This confused me, since the Relexa seemed to cater tot he business crowd, but I did not mind, either, since it also offered a social spot to meet others in my RIAS Berlin Kommission group.
The first impression of my room can be summed ujp in one word: small. I did not mind, since I was not planning on spending a lot of time there. I had business meetings scheduled, sightseeing to enjoy, and beers to drink at night. It was just as well, too, since my room was directly above the hotel’s entrance, and thus all of the smoke from people standing outside having a cigarette. Normally this would not be a problem, but since the Relexa does not have air conditioning I had issues because I had to keep my windows open to keep the room cool.
As seems to be so common throughout Germany, the beds were small – two singles actually pushed together. They were comfortable enough, but from them I could count the bugs – some of which have never been scraped off the ceiling. The poor souls had snuck in through the open windows and were mercilessly squished on the ceiling for the trouble; if a few more were decide upon the same fate, the room’s ceiling might begin to take the shape of a Jackson Pollack painting.
The Relexa Hotel is in an exceptional location when it comes to sightseeing. It is located only blocks from a large Berlin Wall exhibit, a few more to either Checkpoint Charlie or the bustling Potzdamer Platz, and then just a few more from there to many other locations. It is also a short walk to the Anhalter Banhof, a nearby subway station, which thus opens up a slew of other possibilities across all of Berlin. For this reason, as well as an included full-breakfast buffet, I loved the Relexa Hotel.
I also appreciated the dining options available in the area, as well as at the hotel. Lunch and dinner are both offered at a reasonable price, and much better than most any other hotel meal I’ve suffered through in the past. A full bar also stays open late – discount coupons to entice me to stay and drink were even left on my pillow upon arrival. But, sadly I never used them; with several restaurants located in the area – or only a short train ride away – I did my best to get out instead of always staying in.
In the end, I ran out of time to completely explore the hotel and the surrounding area; a week just wasn’t enough. I wanted to use the gym and the sauna located in the Relexa’s lower level, but it wasn’t until my last night that I actually had the opportunity to even locate them. And it is really too bad, since it looked like a lovely complimentary facility for guests needing to spend more time unwinding during a busy business trip.

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