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The Journals of Lewis and Clark

There are so many historic trails in the United States that it’s difficult to pick just one to study. The Lewis and Clark trail though holds a special place in the hearts of Americans, largely because it’s the only one most of us have heard of, as we learned about it in grade school. To further my very limited grade school knowledge, I thought it’d be a good idea to pick up The Journals of Lewis and Clark and give it a go as there didn’t seem to be a better way to learn about such a trip than from the men involved themselves.
It took maybe 100 pages out of the 500 page volume to make my eyes roll back in my head in boredom. I had no idea what these two were talking about and my interest level was definitely at an all time low. I really couldn’t recall any other book that made me want to close the cover never to open it again. But, the thing of it is that I do still want to open this up and try it again. I was so bored with my first reading that I honestly believe it’s just a lack of knowledge on my part to appreciate such a text.
I recently stopped at the headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. I snapped up a few brochures and figured I’d start looking into some stops on the trail that may be of interest for future travels. It couldn’t unfortunately offer me any further information on the expedition as it was largely an office building for the midwest region of the park service and not really a museum; the history of the trail is spread out on the 3,700 mile route the group took.
I, of course, plan to read an actual history book on the trip too in order to gain a little background on the expedition before going right into the actual journals again. Next time, when I do it, I’ll come prepared with a little more knowledge. I’m interested in reading this and believe that it tells of an incredibly interesting travel adventure, but it just requires a bit of information on top of what’s in the pages so it can be accurately understood and appreciated.

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