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The NH Dresden Altmarkt

I never left my hotel room the last time I was in Dresden, Germany. I had come down with a fever after spending my morning at Buchenwald Concentration Camp on my way out of Weimar. It was horrible, since I physically could not leave my room; spaghetti bolognaise was the only thing I understood on the room service menu. I vowed it would be different this time, staying at the NH Altmarkt, and that I would see more of the city than what was visible from my hotel room window.
Two days after checking in, I left Dresden pleased with seeing more of the city while balancing my time spent in the NH Altmarkt during my RIAS Berlin Kommission trip. The hotel, located across the street from the Kreuzkirche (left) on Kreuzstrasse, is right on the edge of everything – it is a quick walk to all of Dresden’s best churches and museums. And as is always the case with hotels, the location is the most important consideration.
I had a positive first impression of my room at Dresden’s NH Altmarkt. The rooms are spacious, modern, and comfortable. My only complaint, which is standard throughout hotels in Germany and much of Europe, is that, once again, my bed was two singles pushed together. And the bedding, while comfortable, is always just a little too small in either direction; the covers always come off in the night whenever I rollover and my feet always stick out the end.
Unlike my small cell of a shower that I could barely turn around in at my hotel in Berlin, the bathrooms at the NH Altmarkt were near palatial. I loved having the extra room to move about, the modern decor, and the overhead speaker linked to the television so I could listen to the morning news while I got ready for a day of meetings. My one issues with the bathroom was that only a single bar of soap was left for guests, and that barely got me through a single shower.
With so many nearby dining options, I did not have the opportunity to eat lunch or dinner in the NH Altmarkt’s restaurant. The breakfast buffet was fantastic, though; bacon, fruit, waffles, and so many other tasty options were offered each morning. I took as much advantage of it as possible, too, filling up in the morning so I could skip lunch and last straight on through to dinner with only a small snack.
I have no serious complaint about Dresden’s NH Altmarkt; it is a fantastic property and I loved my time there. And without a doubt, if I ever have the opportunity to return to such a beautiful city, I will make it a point to stay again at the property. From the lobby to the rooms and the restaurant, it is a great and friendly choice for guests visiting from out of the country.

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