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Touring Junkrassic Park

Bob Pearce, my daytrip buddy, somehow found out about this place called Junkrassic Park, which sits just a bit northeast of Bent’s Old Fort on County Road JJ in Cheraw, Colorado.

It’s Johnnie Allen’s private residence, but it’s also a place of bizarre wonder that is definitely worth seeing. It’s not only entertaining and intriguing, but it’s also the life and hobby of an old man who has put his farming talents towards the good use of art.
You see, one day his wife asked him to make her a rooster statue out of scrap metal as she saw on a trip to the Western Slope of Colorado. And after his one art project was done, he’s continued on making all kinds of other marvels out of the different scarps of junk found on his farm.
It truly is a marvel to see and one of the best road side stops I’ve ever made. Big kudos to Bob for finding what was probably the highlight of our daytrip to Southeastern Colorado. At first, as we pulled up, I was worried it was going to be as awkward as any scene from the movie Deliverance, but instead it gave me a good, deep belly laugh that I certainly needed.
There was everything there from the Maiden of Liberty to the Infidel Castro to John L. Weigh. They were all laid out in Allen’s front yard, as well as a small field next to his garage. There are supposedly some 80 statues in total, although we didn’t get a chance to ask Allen too many questions since we seemed to be disturbing him.

I think that out of all of the statues we saw, my favorite was probably the Awful Tier. Yes, it’s a cheese spoof on the Eiffel Tower and an oil tower, but it still gave me a good chuckle nonetheless. Of course the Prime Time Slime Saddam, Oh Sa ya Bin over-Laden?, and the Lib’s Berty Bell were also all quite amusing.

In truth though, I’m not sure if there wasn’t a good one among the bunch. It was completely worth the stop while on our way to Bent’s Old Fort, and something I would do again if I’m ever in the area. Just make sure, if you decide to go, that you pick up a copy of Pam Grout’s Colorado Curiosities so you can find your way.

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