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Visiting Buffalo Bill’s Grave

William F. Cody, more commonly known as Buffalo Bill, is best known for his exploits as a scout, a buffalo hunter and a showman of the old west. His tales are legend. And because of this, I wanted to go pay my respects at his grave.
It’s difficult for me to imagine a more picturesque place to be laid to rest than atop Lookout Mountain. Just west of Denver, the mountain offers beautiful views of the plains to the east and the mountains in the west. It is all quite peaceful and serene.
There’s even a nearby buffalo herd overlook on Interstate 70. Unfortunately they were a bit shy when my friend and I stopped down from Mt. Evans, but we did spot a couple as we exited. We didn’t have the time for a photo since we were racing to beat the closing time at the grave’s museum, founded in 1921 by Bill’s foster son Johnny Baker.
We pulled up in what we thought was enough time, taking a quick look over the plains, but were told the museum was closed and we couldn’t even make a quick run through if we paid. I was quite disappointed by this, especially when one of the museum employees gruffly brushed the other off for suggesting that they just let us walk through for free to see it quick. I don’t think either employee realized I was still standing in the entrance during this exchange.
Turned away by the museum, we made our way up to the Cody’s grave site.
Bill and Louisa’s grave is nestled sleepily in amongst the trees, offering a very quiet and restful location. It’s really quite lovely with a nice walk way around the grave and benches for relaxing. Even the tacky gift shop, only a few yards away, doesn’t interfere with the landscape.
And yes, the gift shop has anything Buffalo Bill, and most things Colorado, you could or couldn’t want. There’s even an adjoining restaurant for those that want to share a burger or an ice cream with the man, making the stop as touristy as possible.

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