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I am a New York-based writer, travel lover, and author of The Drive North and Destination Paranormal. I have several other books in the works, including fiction.

Searching for the Fall Colors on the Peak-to-Peak Highway

A couple of years ago I took a drive from Denver to look for some fall colors. Iwrote about mysearch and how I drove up and around on a section of the Peak-to-Peak Highway through a couple of different Colorado counties. Now, while the leaves were just at that right state of gold, I wanted to get back up and continue on and see another section of the highway. This time I drove from Nederland north to the turn down to Lyons, Colorado.
The colors were impressive and just the right shade of gold for the mountains. But, I don’t think they had quite peaked yet for my drive; the fall colors for central Colorado and south are just coming into their prime now. And it’s an amazing prime when surrounded by the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Rain fell at times, creating a beautiful rainbow, on my drive, but it was no bother as I continued on the winding road through the canyons and over the mountains. The moisture was welcome with all the wildfires Boulder County has seen this summer, so I couldn’t complain about a few drops on my windshield as I drove west and north. Unfortunately, though, it did prevent me from heading off on any trails alongside the road. I wanted to avoid the mud, as well as the possibility of a lightning strike since Colorado is one of the highest per capita in the country.

It was an amazing drive. I cut along a highway that could easily be used for a car commercial if it hasn’t already. Beyond each twist and turn another beautiful Colorado panorama was revealed. And all I could do was smile and breathe a sigh of contentment while I was out enjoying a great day in the mountains. It’s difficult to live in Colorado and not feel like you’re surrounded by beauty everywhere, particularly in the mountains on a beautiful fall color drive.

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