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A Night at the Marriott Park City

Over the years I have come to expect a certain level of comfort and service from Marriott. They have a well-founded reputation for such things. And when I was in Park City, Utah, I received everything that I anticipated before my arrival. Well, that isn’t entirely true; one thing was missing for me.

I can’t complain too loudly, since I was on a trip provided by the Utah Office of Tourism. It wasn’t my dime paying for it, but instead theirs. But if it were mine, I likely would have never stayed at the Marriott Park City in Prospector Square.

I checked in and was greeted warmly. The staff was all very polite and professional during my stay. The lobby looked welcoming and comfortable. It was just as true for my room. I stayed in a specaious room with a nice king-sized bed and a bathroom with plenty of space. It was all fantastic.

Later in the evening, after having a few minutes to relax, our group headed up to Park City’s Main Street for dinner at a fantastic restaurant – Talisker on Main. The food was excellent and the service some of the best I’ve ever experienced at a restaurant. As a matter of fact, they knew what I wanted before I even knew it; they had me pegged from the moment I walked through the door and nailed it on both the meal and my drinks.

I left Talisker on Main content and happy. But later in the night I was having a rough time of it and decided to call it an evening. I wasn’t in the mood to look around for a cab, so instead I decided to walk back to the hotel. The drive over wasn’t too long, so I assumed it would be a short enough walk back. As it turns out, that wasn’t exactly the case.

I had stayed in the area during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, so I thought my memory was serving me correctly, especially after the recent refresher drive. But the more I walked, the farther away the hotel seemed – especially since there was another Marriott on Main Street. And had I booked the hotel on my own, I likely would have gone with that option for pure convenience. The reason why is easy: location. I’ve always stressed the importance of location when it comes to a hotel. And while the Marriott Park City over in Prospector Square wasn’t in a bad location, it just wasn’t in the location. But, like I said, it was all arranged and provided for by the Utah Office of Tourism. So, in the end, I can’t complain too loudly.

The Marriott Park City was comfortable, clean, and the service was fantastic all the way down to my breakfast the next morning. It is likely, even, that I’ll stay at the same spot on a return trip to Park City, since it is easy to find and access; I don’t have to worry about dealing with traffic around Main Street when I want to get out and experience some of what the area has to offer. Instead I can just get in my car and go.

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