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A Weekend at the Pine Ridge Condos

I spent this past weekend at the Pine Ridge Condos in Breckenridge while attending the Travel Blog Exchange conference in nearby Keystone, Colorado. I initially was not going to attend, but when a combination of events happened practically at the same time – BlogWorld bought up TBEX and Pine Ridge offered me a complimentary stay for the event – I found it difficult to turn away. And now a day removed from the conference, I’m glad I changed my mind and attended.

To be completely upfront, the Pine Ridge Condos contacted me and offered the room in exchange for a review. For a handful of reasons, namely because I could not afford my own lodging for the weekend in the area, I agreed to do so. But that’s not to say it’s all rosy and happy. I do have a few unsatisfactory remarks, too.

When I arrived I was given the key to unit 3F, which is five floors up without an elevator. Originally I was confirmed for unit 3B, which is a small flight up in the same building. So instead of an easy in and out with the luggage, I had to huff and puff up and down the stairs. This change, which I didn’t realize had happened until I checked later, was worth it, though, when I saw the fantastic views the top floor provided.

I wandered through the unit and got settled in, checking out the location-appropriate Old West décor and all of the space – it was bigger than my house! And with accommodations for eight people it was also bigger than 3B, which sleeps six. Sure, I didn’t need all of that room, but I sure liked the opportunity to spread out and get comfortable – something not always possible in a smaller hotel room.

The two bedrooms were spacious and comfortable, as was the loft area that sleeps an additional three people to the five downstairs. And if a group of family planned ahead, there would be the possibility to squeeze in more guests with an air mattress or sleeping bag. I didn’t have that issue, though, so instead just spread out across the unit as I got comfortable with the place.

After settling in and going to the first event of the conference, I tried to get online. And I emphasize try. The free wi-fi at the Pine Ridge Condos would not connect. And since it was after 5pm, there was no one who I could contact for help. So while the extra space and amenities were great, there were also drawbacks, like the lack of afterhours support, while staying at the condo. Thankfully I brought my own hotspot, so in the end it was not much of an issue.

More of a problem for me than the wi-fi was the dirty carpeting. The living area looked like it had not had a thorough cleaning in many years. There were spots from what I assumed to be spilled beer, pizza sauce, and a handful of unidentifiable sources. I was not overly bothered by this, though, since the rest of the place was well-kept and quite clean.

Several other bloggers received complimentary accommodations at the Pine Ridge Condos, just like me. And in talking with them, we all had the same overall satisfaction of the complex. So despite a few things, like dirty carpets and issues with wi-fi, it was a fantastic destination with a pool, hot tub, and easy access to both the city center and the gondolas for the ski resort. And with the opportunity to wake up to such a spectacular view each morning, it was worth the extra effort to carry everything up a few more flights of stairs.

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7 Comments on “A Weekend at the Pine Ridge Condos”

  1. catchcarri June 18, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Great location as well! Steps from the mainstreet and a creek running through the backyard!

  2. Mitchell Weiss June 18, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for staying as our guest and for the write up. We solicited your comments and they are happily received. A few items I’d like to mention….no excuses, just the facts. The timing during your stay was a little challenging. After ski season, we deep clean all the units and shampoo the carpets. This year we also were doing a major window replacement so we’ve been juggling our cleans, shampoos and guests. You were in a unit that had not yet received the spring clean and carpet clean. I agree, the carpet needed a little love….which it received right after your departure. The Wi-fi is password protected and is available to all unit occupants. It was in the blue binder in the living room that was labeled “Guest User Information- High Speed Internet Service and TV Service”. Sorry, you missed it. I hope it did not cause a major inconvenience.

    Hope to see you in Breck your next time around. We’ll still give you a great value and thanks again for staying with us.

    Mitchell Weiss, GM

    • Jason's Travels June 18, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

      Thanks for the comment, Mitchell. That makes sense about the carpet cleaning. And no, the wi-fi didn’t cause any big issues since I had my own hotspot along. The staff was very friendly upon check-in and even gave me the wi-fi info and password, but for some reason it didn’t work when I tried. As I said, no biggie though. Thanks for having me!

  3. Chris Tabb June 20, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Greeting Jason,

    I feel you and your readership deserve all the facts.

    I was the Social Media Manager, (not associated with the company any longer) who contacted you via Twitter to stay at the condos in Breckenridge over TBEX. I was overjoyed to hear that you along with all of the other bloggers I reached out to had a fantastic time at last weekends conference. I was however dismayed to hear of the condition the condo unit was in upon your arrival.

    After I left my employment on May 1st as the Social Media Manager, I contacted management very soon after by email reminding them of your stay in late June. Shortly afterwards I received an email from management thanking me for my correspondence.

    However, as the time of your visit approached I grew more and more uneasy due to the fact that all Twitter communication directed towards the company had gone unanswered. In retrospect I should have sent yet another reminder email to management but at the time I felt it improper.

    It is widely recognized that mid-June in Breckenridge is a slower time of year which explains why there is a window replacement project going on along with the normally scheduled unit deep cleans.

    Given the extraordinary amount of lead time and the fact management was reminded of your visit I feel there are facts and there are …..excuses.

    Yours in the social sphere,

    -Chris Tabb

    Ps. Jason I am always in need of a blogger who can provide an honest articulate assessment and I hope to speak with you soon regarding a project I am currently working on.

    • Jason's Travels June 20, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

      Thank you very much for setting everything up, Chris, as well as the excellent reply. I look forward to hearing from and working with you in the future.

  4. Ted Nelson (@travelingted) September 9, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Last time I stayed at Pine Ridge Condos I spilled my pizza. Sorry about that.


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