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A Photo Tour of the Louvre

A few years ago I traveled to Paris with my father – who had no desire to spend any time in a museum – and wowed him so much with a visit to The Louvre that he asked to go back a second time. I am excited this week to travel to London to see a friend, and hopefully drag him along to some of his city’s great museums and attractions. As I think about the upcoming trip I remember the one with my father and our journeys through the world’s best art museum, The Louvre

The Louvre through the glass pyramid

The crowd in the Louvre’s Denon Wing

Painting a painting in the Denon Wing

The insanely huge crowd around the Mona Lisa

The Wedding Feast at Cana

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

The Louvre’s decorated ceiling

The crowd around the Venus de Milo

The massive Capital of Apadana sculpture

Leaving the Louvre after having seen many of the highlights

The Eiffel Tower is visible from the Louvre

Walking into the Louvre’s sculpture garden

A huge spider in the sculpture garden

Walking past the Louvre’s pyramid at night

Inside the French Sculpture Gallery in the Richelieu Wing

The Tomb of Philippe Pot, governor of Burgundy under Louis XI, by Antoine Le Moiturier

Walking through the Apartments of Napoleon III

Beautiful stained glass in the Richelieu Wing

The Sisters

Every art museum needs a picture of a painting monkey, even the Louvre

An ancient Persian or Mesopotamian Mosaic

The pyramids in the basement of the Louvre best known from the Da Vinci Code

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