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Cruising From City to Paradise

If you are torn between a city break or a nice relaxing holiday, why not look up some cruise offers on Travelzoo and get the best of both worlds? Cruises often take in the biggest, most exciting cities and some beautiful paradise islands on the same trip. And the cruise itself is so relaxing with top class dining experiences and comfortable familiar living quarters, it can be a fabulous way to see the world.

Photo courtesy GoToBermuda from Flickr

Photo courtesy GoToBermuda from Flickr

New York to Bermuda

New York is a fabulous destination to start or finish a cruise. All visitors to the great city arrived by sea at one time under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty. The crowded skyscrapers of Manhattan are a fine sight from the sea. Many cruises starting or ending here offer the chance to stay in a hotel and experience the city that never sleeps with its busy streets, beautiful parks and gardens, fine museums, and amazing shops and restaurants.

All at Sea

Cruising from New York to Bermuda is usually two nights and one day at sea, giving you a chance to wind down and relax as the crew of your cruise liner takes care of you in the way they know best. Most cruise liners offer fantastic shows worthy of the Broadway you left behind, along with sumptuous dining and great spa facilities. One of the greatest pleasures of a cruise is waking at your next destination. And Bermuda will never disappoint.


Hamilton, the capital of the island, is where many cruise ships dock and everything on the island revolves around ‘town,’ as the Bermudans call it. Front Street, the harbor front road, with its pastel Victorian buildings, is the place to look out over the harbor dotted with islands and the yachts of the wealthy that visit or have homes here. The best way to see the island is under your own steam is by scooter, which are easily rented. For the less adventurous, taxi drivers also make excellent guides and will show you the best of this beautiful island with its strong British links.

Fun on the Water

Though you will have just crossed the ocean on your floating hotel, your stay in Bermuda is the time to get closer to the water without hearing a cry of “man overboard!” The coral reefs that surround the island have given rise to beautiful marine life and the wrecks sadly caught on the reefs over the centuries. Sheltered coves and harbors also provide great swimming and kayaking opportunities.

Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf from Flickr

Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf from Flickr

Back to the Bright Lights

Depending on your cruise, you may have two or more days and nights berthed at Bermuda to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings before you are back at sea being pampered by your crew. Make sure you explore every part of the ship and experience all it has to offer, or simply stand at the deck rail and watch the ocean roll away. Before you know it, you will be cruising toward the intoxicating New York skyline and back to the pace of everyday life.

NOTE:  This is not my own experience, but instead one contributed by Travelzoo. Please “sea” their link above for more information.


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