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Checking Out MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I don’t watch a lot of television, nor have I since somewhere around the fourth grade. That’s when my teacher remarked on my report card that my reading comprehension needed some big help. Funny thing is, when my father read that, he comprehended it just fine. So well in fact that he proceeded to cut off my endless flow of television and lock me in my bedroom each day so I would read without distraction.

Decades later, the lesson stuck and I still don’t watch a lot of television. That’s a bit ironic, I know, considering I work at a television station and all. But primetime programming really doesn’t interest me. Sure, I watch sports and movies, as well as the occasional show I may stumble across, but I don’t have a DVR nor do I make it a point to sit down and watch any regularly scheduled show.

MythBusters show props

MythBusters show props

Enter MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I’ve watched the show a couple of times, at least when I stumbled across it while channel surfing. It’s amused me. Heck, it’s even taught me a few things. But when I heard of the special exhibition at the museum, I wasn’t sure I’d be all that interested. It’s an exhibit on a television program I don’t really watch and don’t care much about.

Regardless, I figured I’d check it out once the museum sent me an invite. After all, why not? What’s the worst that could happen? I’d hate it? I’d write some blog post about how it sucked? Sure, that could happen. But it didn’t. In truth, the worst thing about it was that a girl I asked to go shot me down. Blaze of glory-style even. In the end, though, it was her loss – both with me and the exhibit.

The MythBusters rain experiment

The MythBusters rain experiment

MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science really blew me away. It was a lot of fun, a great hands-on learning opportunity for kids and families. But that’s not all. Heck, it’s practically the best date idea I’ve had since moving to Denver over thirteen years ago. I mean, if you can’t have fun flirting while running through a rain tunnel, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you! (Can you get wetter running or walking through the rain?)

And what about trying to change into super hero outfits in a phone booth? Heck, yeah!

Superhero phone booths!

Superhero phone booths!

And oh, how about trying to impress your date by dodging a bullet shot at you at point blank range? OK. Sure. That’s a bit of a fib. It’s only a flash of light that’s meant to represent a bullet. Still, if you could dodge it that’d be more than impressive. Everyone I saw was blown away. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Kids having fun dodging bullets

Kids having fun dodging bullets

There are also a lot of great props and materials on display from the show, all with opportunities to read about and learn from the experiments. For instance, do you think a canoe you made on a deserted island completely out of duct tape – as if you’d have an endless supply of the stuff in such a place – would actually float so you could escape? Or what about building your own jetpack? It’s all there on display with loads of other stuff.

MythBusters jetpack

MythBusters jetpack

You can check it all out at the DMNS to find out. But, bring a date. Seriously. That was my one disappointment with the exhibit. I didn’t have a date. But, as I said, it was her loss. I’m awesome. MythBusters was awesome. And she should’ve known better. Her fail.

And oh, dad? By the way…TV can be good for you. At least in moderation. And at least now that there are about a bajillion channels with at least a few educational shows – and I mean only a few, considering I was somehow sucked into watching a show about millionaire dating earlier today – that can be good for kids. MythBusters, I would say, is one of those. Without a doubt, that’s the case for the exhibit at the museum. But, oh, I should tell you – don’t try this at home.

Now, go ahead and myth-bust this…

Yes, that's me floating. How'd I do it?

Yes, that’s me floating. How’d I do it?

MythBusters is open through January 5th at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Get your tickets online.

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One Comment on “Checking Out MythBusters at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science”

  1. Arnold Rivas December 31, 2015 at 9:48 pm #

    Glad that you’re a fan of Mythbusters. I’m sad now coming in 2016 this show will end. It’s been a great ride!

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