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Learning to Play the Ukulele in Hawaii on Lanai

I’ve wanted to learn how to play the ukulele in Hawaii for a few years now. Each time I’ve been presented with the opportunity, though, I’ve turned it down. Why? Because something else captured my attention for that split second only to pull me away from the opportunity. It’s kind of like Attention Deficit Disorder […]

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How to do Seattle in a Day

There are a lot of things to do in Seattle. So how can I do it all in a day? I asked myself, after booking my flight and hotel. It simply wasn’t possible. I could live there for a year and still miss all kinds of amazing restaurants and interesting attractions. There’s no way to […]

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A Blue Grass Brunch at Oskar Blues

“You know, the last time I had any of these beers, I really didn’t like them. I drank them more on a dare,” I explained to Jim, Oskar Blues’ public relations specialist, as we sat down to lunch. Every Sunday an impromptu Blue Grass band plays just inside the door of the Oskar Blues Home […]

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Seeing a Concert at Red Rocks

I moved to Denver nine years ago from the Twin Cities area and have heard nothing but the best about the Red Rocks Amphitheatresince. Everyone that I ever spoke with that’s seen a show there told me that there’s nothing like it; no concert experience can match what it offers. I decided from this advice […]

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