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Seeing a Concert at Red Rocks

I moved to Denver nine years ago from the Twin Cities area and have heard nothing but the best about the Red Rocks Amphitheatresince. Everyone that I ever spoke with that’s seen a show there told me that there’s nothing like it; no concert experience can match what it offers. I decided from this advice that I wanted my first experience to be the absolute best it could. I wanted it to be special.

I was adamant about waiting for the right band to come through town. Lots of great musicians came and went, but none that I really wanted to have as my first experience at Red Rocks. Easter services, held there at sunrise since 1947, aren’t really my thing either, so I had to wait some more. Patience is not my best attribute, so imagine my relief on one fortunate day this past June when I received an email that one of my favorite groups, Flogging Molly, would play the last show of the 2009 summer season there.

I snatched up two presale tickets as soon as I could and was ecstatic to get the ninth row. And no, I’m pretty sure that it’s not coincidence that I waited nine years to see Flogging Molly there and was sitting in the ninth row. For me, this was fate. It was something that was meant to be. Now I just needed to find someone to go with; my brother quickly volunteered.
There’ve been many great shows at Red Rocks since a man by the name of John Walker noticed the natural accoustics of the site and first played there in 1906. One of the more notable shows was U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky in 1983, which was the performance behind my brother’s desire to go to a Red Rocks show. He saw the video of it and had his sights set on one day seeing a show where one of his favorite bands made rock and roll history.

A visitor’s center, at the top of the amphitheatre talks about this performance, and many others, with a nice display and a video. It was a must see for us so we made sure to get there before the doors opened to have plenty of time to see these things and to enjoy the venue before the first band, Fitz and the Tantrums, took the stage. We were happy we did as we were able to also learn a bit about the history of the dinosaurs in the area with a some fossil display.
The whole night was all time well spent with my brother; even the walk up the huge flight of stairs to enjoy the view. Of course, at the time we weren’t so sure but we joked about our huffing and puffing over a beer later. Years from now I know we’ll reminisce about it over a few more tall ones as it was more than a memorable evening for for us to be able to do this together.

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