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The Ghosts of Christmas 2013

Bah, humbug? Not to 2013! No way. Once again, this was a wonderfully fantastic year for me when it comes to travel. There’s always a lot to be thankful for, but I’m feeling particularly fortunate this holiday season. Why’s that? Because of so many amazing experiences this past year… I wasted no time getting away […]

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Capture the Color 2013 #CTC13

My blogger friend Traveling Ted nominated me for Capture the Color 2013, a sort of chain blogging event. The deal is to post pictures with one of five colors – blue, green, red, white, and yellow – and write a little something about each. I decided to limit my photos and blurbs to travels I’ve […]

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Five Things To Do In Pittsburgh

There are a lot of things to do in Pittsburgh. A surprising number of things, actually. I didn’t figure Pittsburgh had much going on, so I was pleasantly caught off guard. Are you thinking on going? You should. Why? Because of these five things to do in Pittsburgh… 5. Shop The Strip You can shop […]

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Exploring Pittsburgh’s Point State Park

Out of all of the things to see in Pittsburgh, the one I wanted to visit the most was Point State Park and Fort Pitt. After all, this is the one place that has the most history – something that gets me in full geek mode – in a town that I was surprised to […]

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Getting Ready for the Frozen Four

This week I’m going to see the Frozen Four in Pittsburgh. Yes, Pittsburgh. My University of Minnesota hockey team was on a great roll this season, always near the top of the rankings, so my buddy and I bought tickets in the hopes they’d make the final four. That’s why I’m off to see the […]

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Looking Ahead to 2013 Travel

Many years from now, when I think back to 2013, maybe when someone offers me a bottle of wine – although I prefer beer – I will say, “Oh yes, that was a good year.” What I already have planned for travel, and what remains up in the air for possibilities, is sure make it […]

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