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A Weekend in San Diego – Saturday

I only allowed myself two days to drop into San Deigo and visit with my sister and her family. Her sons were not yet on spring break and I didn’t want to disrupt their classes. Yet, it seemed foolish to drive all the way to California from Colorado and not stop by to say hello for at least a couple of days. So, after long drive down from Yosemite National Park, I dropped in and spent a weekend with the family.



We woke up early by my standards on Saturday morning, took in the boys’ baseball games, and then headed to the office. Sadly my sister had a big project she needed to work on while I was in town, so she ducked in for a few hours while I went for a hike around Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve with her sons and boyfriend. It was a beautiful day with the sun high in the sky and I was enjoying the wind blowing in off the Pacific Ocean. It brought a chill to the air, but I could hardly complain – I was on vacation in San Diego!


The well-used trail took us past Torrey Pines Golf Course and down to the beach. We spent time climbing on rocks, checking out curious marine-life, and walking the beach to a park and ride where my sister could pick us up. After all, bumming on the beach beat hiking back up the hill and walking the streets to her office.


The highlight of our time spent out, though, was at La Jolla Beach. Not only is it a beautiful part of town with interestingly designed buildings overlooking the ocean, but there are also two beaches where seals and sealions sprawl on the sand. Thanks to my love of wildlife, it would be hard to top this stop during my brief stay in San Deigo. The only thing that may have made it better would have been a tourist goring by one of the animals.


There is nothing that bugs me more than tourists getting too close to wildlife, particularly when there are safety ropes marking what is considered to be a safe distance for both people and the animals. But, sadly, too many people at the La Jolla beaches thought they knew better and could walk right up to the animals. A good ol’ fashioned slaughter would have taught them better as a mother tried to protect its cub.

I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that this didn’t happen, but I’m annoyed nonetheless by the stupidity, or Darwin-esque mentality rather, of so many people. I didn’t let it ruin my visit, though, and prevent me from getting some new favorite photographs:


The day ended beautifully with a sunset over the beach and dinner at a local Mexican restaurant where I filled myself with enough chips and salsa to feed the rest of San Diego for at least a week.

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