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A Weekend in San Diego – Sunday

I had to sell a vital organ to be able to afford admission to the San Diego Zoo, but it was worth it. I loved walking the pathways, watching the animals, and considering the ever-chaning internal debate of which animal I would be if I weren’t a person. I always thought a polar bear, as have others, but I think my sister may have hit the nail on the head with a correction halfway through our visit.
Once again, we woke up earlier than I would normally appreciate. But, this time it was for a good cause – breakfast! I have had my eye on a particular breakfast restaurant in the San Diego area ever since I saw a television programming claiming it was one of the best places in the United States to eat bacon. Yes, that would be none other than sweet, delicious, glorious, thick-cut bacon.
The wait wasn’t long at the Hash House a go go. It would have been worth twice the time we spent, though. I cannot think of a better restaurant breakfast I’ve ever devoured as much as at this place. There were monstrously huge portions cooked perfectly to what we had ordered, great presentation, and pleasant service that I just don’t find at my local chain breakfast joint.
I did what I could, but the four waffles stuffed with bacon and covered in maple syrup and fried chicken, along with a side of two eggs that was actually closer to five, proved to be the better. I gingerly bowed down to its superiority, my stomach too full to give it the respect it was actually due. Given my druthers, though, I plan to return on my next visit to San Diego and attempt my revenge. In the meantime, I’ll remain content with visions of bacon dancing in my head when I drift off to sleep at night.
The considerable amount of walking we did at the zoo was good for all of us after such a large breakfast. We were all overly full and needed the movement to burn off more than a few calories. It was all worth it, though, as we checked out the koalas, pandas, warthogs and the gorillas – my new animal.

A year ago I climbed through the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, Africa to see the mighty gorillas. But it took the obvious wack up the head from my sister to change my thinking from polar bear to something that most likely has a better chance at survival in the wild at the present. Although, I’m not so sure I could do it, since gorillas generally don’t eat meat – even bacon!

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