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Learn to Surf from the Best in Barbados

Two of the major attractions of Barbados holidays for would-be surf junkies are undoubtedly the beautiful beaches and great waves. Perhaps not quite as well known as the surf communities of Pipe or Indo, Barbados is none-the-less picking up a reputation as a surfer’s paradise thanks to its range of waves that welcome both experts and beginners alike. If you fall into the latter category you might feel a bit of trepidation at taking to the waves for the first time, but you needn’t worry – Barbados is home to some of the best surf instructors around and by spending just a short time learning at their feet you’ll soon feel like an old hand.

Total newbies need look no further than the Dread of Dead Surf Shop in Christ Church for all their surfing needs. Dread or Dead is run by consummate surfer Russell Garrett who has been surfing for most of his life and who has passed his skills to his own surfing family. Along with friend and expert surfer Matthew Kidd, Garrett takes all comers and will be able to teach you to tame Barbados’s waves in no time at all.

Garrett likes to take his lessons to the next level and will cater to your every need. Despite running a surf shop, Garrett’s clever enough to know most visitors aren’t going to buy a brand new surf board and cart it home, so he’ll provide you with the right board for you. Even if you’re staying quite a distance away from the shop or shore then pick-up from your hotel or apartment is include as part of the service offered by Dread or Dead. If you have some surf spots in mind, mentioning them ahead of time will ensure you get to visit them, but if not Garrett will introduce you to waves around the island that best suit your skill level.

With helpful, non-nonsense advice and a wealth of experience, surf lessons from Dread or Dead are the best way to break in your surfing sea legs in Barbados!

NOTE: This is not my own experience, but instead one provided by dealchecker.co.uk. Please visit their site for more information.

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  1. Kathlyn Guillotte February 21, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    In the early 1900’s the Hawaiians organized the Hui Nalu (surf club) and competed in neighborly surf competitions with the Outrigger Canoe Club. This drew a great deal of attention to the Waikiki surf shore, bringing a revitalized interest in the sport, which had fallen out of favor in the late 1800s. Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic star in swimming, popularized the sport further by traveling internationally and showing off his surfing style to thrilled audiences around the world. He was favored by Hollywood elite; having acted in bit parts in films and was always recruiting new surfers wherever he went. He is credited with surfing the longest wave of all time in 1917, in the popular surfing area now called Outside Castles in Waikiki. His 1000 meters plus wave record has yet to be overtaken.,

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