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Swimming with the Dolphins in Florida

It’s on many a bucket list across the globe: yes, swimming with dolphins is truly a once in a life time experience. But for those with the gumption to pack up and board a flight to Florida it’s a dream that can be easily realised.

There are a number of great spots to swim with these beautiful mammals in Florida and each location has its own special charm. But some are a cut above the rest. The Grassy Key’s Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys is a great place to see these phenomenal creatures in a sympathetic environment where their care is the primary concern. The center’s focus is on education and rehabilitation, so swimming sessions are held with the aim of entertaining the dolphins as much as the visitors. Based in Marathon, the Dolphin Research Center is also where Mitzi the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin who starred as Flipper in the much-loved 1963 movie once lived.

If you want to take your dolphin experience on the side of some other tourist activities, Discovery Cove in Orlando is a must. Discovery Cove only allows 1,000 visitors a day, ensuring the dolphins are never overworked and everyone has a good time. Visitors don’t just get to swim with the dolphins here – they’ll also learn to talk to them through basic hand gestures that the dolphins understand as commands. Visitors can also snorkel through an actual coral reef here and swim with a variety of rays.

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with some of the animal world’s most majestic creatures, these two centers offer an easy and cruelty-free way to do it. Another check on the bucket list and another weight off your conscience!

NOTE: This is not my own experience, but instead one provided by Cheapflights.co.uk. Please visit their site for more information.

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