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A Weekend at the Steamboat Springs Sheraton

The Sheraton is at the bottom of the ski hill

The Sheraton is at the bottom of the ski hill

I spent last weekend at the Steamboat Springs Sheraton. “The Sheraton?” you ask. “Really?” Really. And believe me, I’m just as surprised as anyone. Never in a million years would I have thought of a Sheraton as having the type of rooms or the service I received during my complimentary stay, but there’s a reason behind it. Before I get to that, let’s talk about the most important thing when it comes to a good hotel…


The Steamboat Springs Sheraton is easily accessible from Highway 40, the main drag through town, on the south side of their city center. It’s no problem that it’s not in the middle of town, either, since most anyone heading to the mountains is looking to be out and away to either ski or hike. If you want to get into town, though, complimentary shuttles run from the hotel into downtown Steamboat Springs on a regular basis.

Part of the Sheraton's huge lounge

Part of the Sheraton’s huge and comfy lounge

The Hotel

The hotel’s exterior is not postcard material, but the inside is certainly beautiful; several times I asked my friend if we were actually staying at a Sheraton. The lobby appeared to recently be redone, the grounds well-kept and lovely with a peaceful man-made river on the back side, and several indoor activities were available for guests, including the pool, spa, and yoga.

The morning fog

The morning fog

The Rooms

After finishing our big hike for the day in the morning, my friend and I spent the rest of the day in our two bedroom suite. Wait. I traveled to Steamboat Springs and spent the day in the hotel? You betcha. And that’s not just because it was drizzling outside. It’s also because the rooms were quite comfortable with a large sitting area and we had a view like this:


Two bedroom suite view

Two bedroom suite view

Now imagine if it was winter and you were there to ski. Is there anywhere else you’d rather stay? I didn’t see another spot throughout town where I’d rather stay even when I’m there in the summer to hike. Did I look? Yes, actually I kept my eyes peeled. And nowhere was near as close as the Sheraton to a the mountains with hiking trails cut along them in the warmer months; trust me in that the black diamonds are just as steep on foot as on skis.

The one bedroom suite room

The one bedroom suite room

The Food

We ate at four different restaurants in town, including once at the hotel. And out of three of them – one doesn’t count since it’s a donut shop and those trump all – the Sheraton was my favorite. The pizza place was good, and the nearby bar was decent, but the wings, fries, and complimentary drink coupon I received upon check-in made for a nice meal while watching the game in the room.

Sheraton wings and fries

Sheraton wings and fries

On the other hand, though, why eat out? The two bedroom suite came with a double bonus – two full kitchens. That’s right, the adjoining rooms each had a private kitchen for extended stays. My friend and I talked several times about cooking up a big meal together, but instead opted to just relax and let someone else do the cooking. Nonetheless, had we been there longer, a trip to the nearby grocery store likely would have been in our future.

A "suite" kitchen at the Sheraton

A “suite” kitchen at the Sheraton

The Service

The summer months are most definitely the slow season in Steamboat Springs, so much so that some places remain closed or are just reopening to welcome warm-weather guests. This brings with it an extra bonus: personalized service. And we received it at the Sheraton. Fewer than twenty other cars in the parking garage with us, meaning a very limited number of guests for a very large property. How would they handle the busier winter season? Most places staff up at that time of year, so the service would likely be just as good.

End Result

The Steamboat Springs Sheraton isn’t perfect. There were a few rough spots in our rooms – like a sprinkler head sticking out without any mounting – but I cut them some slack on that since these rooms were just finished and some rough spots are still being ironed out. But the place overall was fantastic, even welcoming our best hiking buddies – our dogs, Gauge (left) and Anna. And throwing that on top of the great rooms with amazing views, fantastic service, and good food, had me wanting another night or two to stay at the Steamboat Springs Sheraton to relax and explore more of the beautiful area.

The Steamboat Springs Sheraton is Gauge and Anna approved

The Steamboat Springs Sheraton is Gauge and Anna approved

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